Thursday, October 29, 2009

also for december

Yesterday we practiced saturating lace with ink and using it to "stamp" on paper. I couldn't find any trim lace I liked for this... but I found a small doily from a thrift store grab bag and went to town.

Not unlike the stenciled red page in the post below, I am reusing scrapbook paper I don't like, but this time I just flipped it over to the white back. I do like that it's very sturdy cardstock, so there's no sense in letting it sit there being all useless.

Here's the doily after being soaked with ink:

And here are the papers I made with the doily, a brayer, and some Adirondak spray ink.

The last one I used the doily more as a mask for the spray ink ...

I'm trying to get used to this looser, spray-painty, watercolory look...


  1. Oh Effie...I love the paper you created! And I think that doily needs to end up on SOMETHING it is so delicious! Am so going to have to look through my doilies and use one that I KNOW my grandmother didn't crochet! *smile* Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. LOL. Don't use granny's doilies!!

    I suspect la doily will end up in my December Daily album... but we'll see where inspiration takes me with it!